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SEO Solution for Manufacturers – Content Marketing

 Image Source:  Founders Institute  Image Source: Founders Institute

You have read it and heard it over and over, you need good SEO to attract new customers online. However, if you feel your understanding of what SEO (search engine optimization) really is remains amiss, fear not you are not alone. To cut to the chase, the main reason SEO remains a muddy topic is because it requires the coordination of many tactics that span platforms and strategy. Furthermore, SEO is continually changing as search algorithms evolve in their quest to deliver the best answers to the world’s questions. Contrary to popular belief, this also means SEO is not a one and done effort, but rather a marathon. For this reason, we suggest finding an agency specializing in SEO that can provide on-going monitoring and updates.

An effective SEO strategy includes keyword research, link building, sitemap optimization, web design, feedback/reviews, social media, content/articles, analytic monitoring, and website optimization. In this article we will focus on the aspect of Content Marketing in improving SEO and why yes, even manufacturers need content. Content marketing for SEO can be a 500-1500 word articles or a video. What kind of content a manufacturer should produce will depend on the goals of the organization. Having difficulty filling positions on your assembly line? A content strategy can help attract the ideal prospect to your company. Looking to attract more customers? Content is the ideal medium for telling the story of your brand, the benefits prospective customers can expect in choosing you.

Any good piece of content no matter the industry begins with keyword research. Keyword research identifies the search terms that have the highest search volume. This keyword research typically results in identifying the most commonly search questions related to your goal or industry. Utilizing the keyword research, content is then developed to answer the question(s) identified in the keyword research. Don’t be fooled, a keyword no longer means ranking for an individual word such as, manufacturing. Search ranking is too dense and competitive to rank for a single word like marketers use to do when keyword stuffing was best practice. Today a keyword is a long-tail keyword or phrase, which often take the form of a question. Notice how you put questions into the search bar or use voice search instead of just a single word to find what we are looking for? These questions are a great example of a long-tail keyword, such as, “metal anodizing near me”.

With keyword research complete a copy writer is then put to task of crafting an article that contains information that answers the question at hand. Search engines have gotten so good they now can pick out websites that are the most reliable source of information on the subject you are searching for and will deliver you those websites. Therefore, the goal of content marketing is to position your manufacturing site as the go to trusted source of information for the goal you are looking to achieve.

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