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Digital Marketing Managed!

Are you struggling with digital marketing? Is it all too overwhelming? Which channel do you use? What hashtags do I need to be tracking? We at Abe Studios hear you! We have come up with a simple guide to help manage your digital marketing.

Best Facebook Practices

The majority of the users on Facebook search for a business page when they are looking for a product. Creating compelling content is important to spark the users attention and want to grab their wallets! Content that’s engaging with a solid call to action will promote clicks, likes, comments, and shares. Sharing behind the scenes footage, creating daily life reels, and giving a face to the brand will help build the emotional connection globally that Facebook allows online.

The benefits of stories on Facebook and Instagram allows for your brand to be updating their network every day. They run for 24 hours and are quick ways to start a conversation. They’re a quick way to get your network in your inbox. Facebook Reels can be recycled short videos that you’ve used from other channels like TikTok or Instagram, or they can be brand new. Engaging videos with quick tips can set you apart from the competition. Going live once a month to do a live- Q&A will let your followers know that you care about their experience.

Following trends in your niche industry will help to grow your business organically by creating conversational content that your brand can engage with. Building relationships in the comments, answering questions, asking for feedback, and creating promotions all brings a sense of humanity to the brand online. Customers want to feel special, heard, and engaged with their favorite brands which promotes brand loyalty. The more people buy from you and love the experience, the more they will share with the world.

Using the Facebook Business suite will help to create ads for your growth goals. Beginning with a page promotion. For just $8.00 a day, your business can grow exponentially by reaching your target audience. Your ad campaigns can be driven using Facebook ads that strategically place your business in the eyes of new customers with just a few clicks.

Using hashtags and location will help to bring in your target audience organically. Tagging locations helps them feel like you’re real because you’re tagging places in their network or the same ones they visit. Facebook offers their own certification through Meta Blueprint that is available to learn more about how to market your business online.

Twitter Practices

Content and engagement is the bread and butter for Twitter. Using Twitter strategically can improve your digital footprint organically! This is a place where you can engage with your customers, competitors, and build conversations to create a strong brand presence. Creating conversation can be done by retweeting a tweet, replying to a tweet, and creating tweets to ask questions or comment on current industry news. One of the best ways to create conversation using Twitter is by creating a poll question for your followers to respond.

Twitter allows for the brand voice to be present by tweeting quick news about the brand, talking about a new product, and creating calls to action for the audience to engage with. Like Facebook, creating content that is engaging and dynamic will help boost the conversations. Following Twitter trends is a very effective way to go viral and bring in a massive audience to your channel. If you have a blog, Twitter is a great way to promote that with a quick caption to increase your click through rate.

Using Twitter analytics that are free with your channel, you can start social listening. Social listening is the art of listening to the conversations that are happening around your niche market, your brand, your competition, and learning about what consumers are saying. This is a great way to identify pain points in your target market which helps you to identify the gaps and gives your brand the opportunity to fill in those gaps. If Twitter is the way to go for your business, check out their very own Flight School!

Best Instagram Practices

Instagram is a powerhouse of influence! You can post pictures, go viral using reels, sell your products, and create change in your industry by going live. Defining your brand and what voice they want to carry on Instagram is very important. Unlike other platforms, Instagram is a visual tool to promote your brand voice. Videos are turned into reels which can be recycled from other platforms like TikTok that can show the audience the product in action. Posts can create engagement and conversation by giving the audience high quality content to interact with. Creating a consistent look using filters and the same colors will help to create a consistency that gives your brand a digital footprint. Creating content that your market reacts to can sometimes be a trial and error process. Using stories and reels, will help to define what the market is wanting. Reels are an easy way to go viral. They are videos that can be uploaded and placed both on the feed and in the reel feed. They last for as long as you want them on the platform. Stories are quick videos that are created and last for 24 hours. They can not only be put on Instagram but also linked to the Facebook business page. Tracking analytics will help to define the best timing that your audience is available to view the content. The best way to gain organic growth and gain traction is to have a stellar hashtag strategy. Hashtags go at the end of the captions that you write. This is the best way for a network to learn about your content and learn about the products. Hashtags can be both broad and niche. It’s recommended to use niche hashtags that are trending so the content doesn’t get lost in the global digital landscape. Once you have your hashtags defined it is about a content calendar and engagement plan. This should include giveaways, follower Friday’s, quizzes, games, and contests that will help to get the market interested in engaging. A giveaway rule is to make sure the winner follows the brand account, comments, likes the posts, and tags friends! This is very important because it makes the giveaway engaging and interesting while notifying the market about the opportunity using the old native marketing strategy of word of mouth! Posting regularly, using hashtags, and creating content that is interesting is your best plan to tackle Instagram. To learn more about marketing strategically on Instagram check out HubSpot’s free certification!

Best Pinterest Practices

Did you know that you can grow all of your social media with a Pinterest account? You can!  Creating a Pinterest business account helps to promote your business but in a very versatile way. Once you create your business account, you can go to the left hand panel and pair your website, social media, and blogs to the channel. This helps Pinterest to add destination links to the pins.

Creating content for Pinterest is a two way process. You can create new content just for Pinterest or you can recycle content from your other channels that will promote that channel. Pinterest is about keywords. Creating a simple but compelling title will help to promote your content in a feed that the market is looking for. Creating a detailed description of the product, blog, or post will help to use keywords that will come up in the search results. Using descriptive hashtags that are broad enough to create market conversation is best. When you create a pin, you can add a destination link back to the post on social media, blog, or website to drive traffic back to the original content. When wanting to understand what keywords are best, try using the search bar and put the keyword with more ideas for keywords. This helps define your board titles and your posts reach the market. Check out the Pinterest Academy to learn more about how to grow your business on Pinterest.

Best LinkedIn Practices

Have you ever felt lost or unsure about what goes on LinkedIn for the mass amount of connections, opportunities, and job offers? Here’s a quick run down of best practices to keep your LinkedIn optimized for best results.

Starting with your photos, using a creative cover photo and a professional headshot will help to bring a sense of professionalism to the profile right away. Create bios that are descriptive and help someone who is looking for your skills to be pulled in right away. Once you’ve set your profile to public it’s important to bring in optimization to your profile using keywords to define your personal brand or business. This can be done using your descriptions and your bios.

Be sure to add all of your accomplishments, not just jobs and education. Add in your volunteer experience, certifications, and even what you like to for fun because this brings a whole human to the digital world. Adding photos of your work, projects, campaigns, and results helps to drive a business. Posting once a day during the week will help to build a following and conversation. Create content that’s relevant to your brand so people are thinking about you as an expert in the field.

Endorsements help to create people’s idea of your results. Asking your friends or employers to endorse your skills will help to bring relevance to your profile. This is the same for groups. If you are in a career, join that specific group or start your own to create new connections and conversation.

Creating connections by connecting with those who have viewed your profile and connecting with them with a personal message helps to start building authentic connections online. This will build your network and tap into their networks to find like minded people and business opportunities. To learn more about LinkedIn Marketing, check out their official school to become certified.

Best YouTube Practices

After creating your profile and recording more long form videos than what is allowed on social media it’s time to maximize your YouTube strategy to get the most brand awareness. Starting your YouTube channel begins with a Google account and then upgrading it to a brand account so the business account can have it’s own existence.

Creating content that is engaging can be done through long videos to create the channel and short videos called shorts. Both of these video options help to build the brand on YouTube. In order to know what content is going to be best for engagement it’s important to research your competition. Engaging in social listening will help to understand the best content to create for engagement.

Keywords are incredibly important even on YouTube. Creating a main keyword and entering it into the title of the video will help to automatically optimize the video. Creating two or three more keywords to use in the first two sentences in the description will help to bring in more engagement. Using the related tags in the video will help to categorize the video in the catalog of YouTube.

You can become certified in YouTube Marketing and help to create the best brand experience for your business.

Hashtag Guide

Creating the hashtags that are most relevant to the market you’re trying to reach will be beneficial for all social media platforms because everyone is using hashtags. A hashtag is a pound sign (#) and a descriptive word that describes the content and brand.

The best way to do this is to do competitive research to see what hashtags are trending in your niche and use them in the bottom of your description. You can use sites like Google Keywords, SpyFu, SEMRush, Moz, Ahrefs, and others that are available online. They will provide both short form keywords and long form keywords. A change to hashtags that is valuable to understand is that the first letter of each word in your hashtag needs to be capitalized.. Why? When the first letter of each word is capitalized, screen readers are much more likely to read the hashtag as intended. There’s visually impaired screen reader uses that benefit from capitalizing the letter in each word. For example, #wallcrushwednesday isn’t as easy to read as #WallCrushWednesday.

Creating branded hashtags lets you keep track of your business posts, what’s been done the best, and how other people talk about your business online. The best ways to find hashtags are using the search bar with the main keywords and then seeing what other keywords below are trending. You can use SEM Rush to help define the best keywords too.

On Twitter it’s best to use 2 hashtags. This is because of the number of characters allowed in the caption. Facebook allows for hashtags to be four to help optimize the content for those that are using the search bar to help find products. Instagram is 5-30 depending on what you’re looking for but a safe spot is 12. LinkedIn is 2 because the audience that you’re looking for already is in your network. Pinterest can use 5 to 10 depending on the description.

To learn more about digital marketing here’s links to some great resources.

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